Raised By Wolves - White and German Shepherds.

The Raised By Wolves kennel started its creation professionally in 2018, although its owners acquired their first copies of German Shepherd and White Shepherd some years before.

Composed of four partners, Claudia Vidal, Barbara Monteiro, Victor and Artur Ponte, four in love with both breeds, a solid friendship and a common desire was born: to become breeders and specialists in sheepdogs with seriousness, dedication, work, selection and genetic improvement .

The unanimous decision prioritizes taking dogs to new homes that will bring unforgettable moments with their new owners, through friendship, docility and protection, in addition to dogs that will be able to exercise countless functions related to work, such as the search for narcotics, agility training, guide for dogs and also CBKC exhibitions.

Our dogs stand out for their unique characteristics. We have in our team the best strains in the world, imported from Serbia, Russia and the United States and national dogs that stood out in several exhibitions in the Northeast and in the Exhibition of the Americas and the Caribbean, held in May 2018.

We hope you enjoy our work and we are ready to help you choose an excellent puppy for you!


Falko Falko
Alaska Alaska

Birth: 07/18/2021

Pastor Branco Suíço

Males: 4

Females: 5

Available: 4

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